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8 Kitchen Habits To Help Save The Planet

Dedicating this post to all women who spend a lot of time in the kitchen. Happy Women’s Month, ladies!

1. Wash Dishes In One Bulk
That’s right. Save soap and water by washing all your dishes in one go. At the end of each meal or after cooking.


2. Spray Soap Dish
Get a spray bottle and fill it up with diluted dish washing soap. After collecting all the dishes, place them inside the sink and spray with soap keeping all the dishes wet and ready for some squeaky cleaning. After cleaning with a sponge, rinse water and dry dishes.

3. Use Washable Cloth To Wipe Plates
Stop using kitchen tissue for drying hands or dishes. The only time I actually use kitchen tissue is when I need to drain oil from fried food.

dish towel

4. Minimize Pots When Cooking
If you can cook an entire meal just by using one pot, then good for you. Here’s a pasta dish cooked in one pot. (See images)


-a. Stir fry mushroom, garlic and onions, add spices, sugar, and salt to taste, then water. Let water boil and add pasta
-b. Let pasta cook stirring occasionally
-c. Once pasta is cooked, add desired sauce (I used canned mushroom soup but you can use tomato sauce too)
-d. Mix and cook until desired thickness of sauce is achieved. Let it cool and serve!

5. Cook Lunch and Dinner In One Go
If you can cook lunch and dinner in one go, do it. This saves you time, energy, water, and dishes. At night, just reheat when you want to eat.


6. Segregate Trash
Recycle bottles, segregate biodegradable from non-biodegradable. We should all know this by now.


7. Slice Your Own Cheese
Stop buying pre-sliced cheese that come with plastic films. Get yourself your own cheese slicer and slice them to your desired thickness.

cheese cutter

8. Make Your Own Organic Insect Killer
Ants and roaches away with this home made insect killer. Ants hate cucumber and roaches hate pepper. Make your own non-toxic insect killer using ingredients from your own kitchen. (See image caption for recipe)

In one container, throw in sliced cucumber, lemon peelings, and whole pepper. Fill container with water. Let it sit for a week, then transfer some to a spray bottle and start using. Refill when necessary.

In one container, throw in sliced cucumber, lemon peels, and whole black pepper. Fill container with water. Let it sit for a week, then transfer some to a handy spray bottle and start spraying. Refill when necessary.

I’d love to hear from you, please comment below. Share your kitchen tips and tricks, too!