Run Lila Run

Ever since I came back from Taiwan a few things have changed… in a good way. I’ve quit smoking, cold turkey (yey!) and I got into running (double yey!). My childhood friend, Jaya encouraged me to run with her around Greenhills Mall. She has been a very good guide and honestly whenever we see each other, we can’t stop talking about running and running the talk.

It’s been a month since I got into this sport and I’m loving every part of it. Now she’s helping me train for my first 5K fun run. Exciting!

Running Gear

Nike+ Shoes, hydration belt, ipod touch, sports ear piece.

Greenhills Mall

Greenhills Mall loop is an estimate of 1.2KM per loop. My usual is 4-5 rounds/run.

With running buddy, Jaya.

Jaya would kill me if she knew about this photo posted online. Hahaha. I’m grateful to her that she got me into running. Without her I’d still be stuck with my boring home fitness routine. Thank God!

Looking forward to the following fun runs:

  1. Milo Marathon
  2. Run for Pasig
  3. Adidas Run
  4. Nike Run
  5. Run Rio