Batad Experience

Batad is not just a destination but an experience. Where is Batad?

Batad 2015

Batad 2015

Necessary Expenses:

  • P450 – Single Ohayami bus fare from Manila to Banaue
  • P20 – Single Environmental fee (upon arrival in Banaue)
  • P250 – Single fare van from Banaue town proper to Batad (Saddle point)
  • P10 – Walking stick rental fee (Sari-sari store at Saddle point)
  • P220 – Single hostel rate in Batad (Peak-season goes up to P400)
  • P100 – Paluto food (home cooked) in Batad
  • P150 – Single fare jeep ride (top load or regular seat) back to Banaue town proper
  • P450 – Single Ohayami bus fare from Banaue back to Manila 
  • P1,500 – TOTAL

Optional Expenses:

  • P650 – P750 – Group tour guide from Batad hostels to Tappia Falls
  • P100 – p150 – Souvenir magnets / postcards
  • P50 – P100 – Drinking water and other refreshments from Batad

What to pack: 

Reminder: Be sure to pack light.

Reminder: Be sure to pack light.

  • Clothing:
    • Dry-fit clothes – Light and easy to dry clothes.
    • Jacket – A thick jacket that can also serve as a raincoat. The TNF Jacket was warm enough for me.
    • Warm sleeping clothes – Thermal long sleeves / base layer
    • Cargo / hiking pants – One will hike down to Tappia falls, so expect muddy shoes and dirty pants after.
    • Swimwear – No bikinis unless you want to freeze your butt off. Any clothing can be a swimwear, just be sure to bring a malong, which you will use to change into your dry clothes after swimming.
    • Aqua shoes / sandals – For best swimming experience, wear aqua shoes / sandals. You don’t want to get your hiking shoes wet for the entire trip.
    • Socks – Bring hiking socks and thermal/thick socks for sleeping
  • Gears:
    • Tropical sleeping bag – To use as a blanket in the bus and in your hostel should you need to be warmer.
    • Gloves – Biking gloves or any outdoor gloves if you don’t like getting your hands dirty during the hike
    • Headlight – Which you will need if you want to walk around at night
  • Food:
    • Snacks – Mixed nuts, energy bars, etc.
    • Bottled drinking water – Bring at least 1.5 litters. There is a free source of spring water 10 mins. hike away from the top of Batad. Should you need to refill, you can hike down or if you have the budget, you can buy from the local shops, P50-p70 for one small bottle (12oz).
    • Coffee kit – See Outdoor Brew
Free spring water

Free spring water


  • Rita’s Mount Inn – Rate ranges from P220 – P400, depending on the season.
  • Clean shower and bath
  • Hot shower available
  • Great view of the rice terraces

The Batad Experience:

  • Enjoy the view of The Grand Banaue Rice Terraces
  • Walk on the rice terraces
  • Talk and eat with the locals
  • Hike Tappia Waterfalls (1 and half)
  • The sunrise

Thank you Batad. We survived!