Brown Rice Coffee Experiment

Being part of Dakila’s Brown Rice campaign made me wonder how else to partake brown rice/ unpolished rice. I remember as a teenager we used to make homemade rice coffee in school, but we made it out of white rice. Yesterday I finally tried it with brown rice and it tasted even better.

23 BrownRice Coffee

22 BrownRice Coffee

Serving soon at the Yogi Fair.

Dakila’s Brown Rice Campaign is part of Oxfam Philippine’s  GROWChallenge.

Nityalila on Brown Rice Nityalila knows Brown Rice is good for the Community

Pusakalye Race Experience

Pusakalye Race 7

Pusakalye Race is the first alley cat race in Manila. With the members of Manila Fixed Gear growing, Rodel Guinto and friends decided to organize this race to further strengthen the bond between members. With the help of local bike shops and subculture stores, the first race was held April 22, 2012, with over 50 participants. (From Pusakalye Page)

Yesterday was my first Pusakalye experience to show my support to my sister, Devaki and brother-in-law, Rodel Guinto, the power couple behind the race. If I were going to describe it, it’s definitely one big Testosterone Festival! You have to witness it to understand it.

I’m definitely going back!


More photos here

Painting Trees

Artist at work. Photo by Miko Aguilar

Artist at work.
Photo by Miko Aguilar

If you can’t plant them, paint them. With my brother’s little 3 year old son running around and destroying everything on his path, it wasn’t wise to have indoor plants in their new home. Luckily, I was visiting him over the weekend and so he requested me to decorate his house with my silhouette-tree wall paintings. It felt good to paint again.

painting trees painting trees painting trees painting trees  painting trees

If you want silhouette trees on your walls, please don’t hesitate to call or text me at 09062277000.

My Fresh Lumpia Addiction

Fresh Lumpia

Almost every Sunday morning, I ride to The Legaspi Sunday Market just to get a bite on my favorite fresh lumpia by Yan Ching. For only P60 you get a fat fresh lumpia filled with lettuce, sweet and salty ground nuts, mixed veggies with toge, fresh wansoy (cilantro), seaweed budbod, and garlic, served with their special sweet and salty brown sauce. The best part about it is that it’s vegetarian friendly!  At a nearby stall, I buy my freshly squeezed dalandan drink (p30) to partner with my fresh lumpia. Simply amazing!

Fresh Lumpia Fresh Lumpia Fresh Lumpia Fresh Lumpia Fresh Lumpia Fresh Lumpia Fresh Lumpia Fresh Lumpia

The Legaspi Sunday Market is open every Sunday from 7am to 3pm. Cheers to a healthy lifestyle!