Art Ride: Bakawan

PROJECT BAKAWAN: A collaborative art event that seeks to increase awareness of current environmental issues and strives to foster a sustainable future.

PROJECT BAKAWAN ART FESTIVAL 2015: Project Bakawan will engage artists in collaboration with the academic community to formulate an acute analysis of our environmental situation and come up with creative responses that will engage the UP Diliman community.

Yesterday, I had the pleasure to attend Firefly Brigade’s Art Ride lead by Katti Sta Ana. We assembled at 4pm in UP Diliman then went on an art tour around the campus to view and experience this year’s Project Bakawan. See more photos here.

Pusakalye Race Experience

Pusakalye Race 7

Pusakalye Race is the first alley cat race in Manila. With the members of Manila Fixed Gear growing, Rodel Guinto and friends decided to organize this race to further strengthen the bond between members. With the help of local bike shops and subculture stores, the first race was held April 22, 2012, with over 50 participants. (From Pusakalye Page)

Yesterday was my first Pusakalye experience to show my support to my sister, Devaki and brother-in-law, Rodel Guinto, the power couple behind the race. If I were going to describe it, it’s definitely one big Testosterone Festival! You have to witness it to understand it.

I’m definitely going back!


More photos here