La Lost in Laiya

Umbrella trees.

Umbrella trees.

An amazing weekend with the #Mamech! Bus, bike, and beach. From Manila we took a bus to Lipa, then biked our way to Laiya, a total 0f 59.3KM. Stayed the night then went bimodal back to Manila.


  • Bus ride from Manila (Buendia Station) to Lipa is P124.00
  • Jam Liner offers free wifi.
  • Folding bikes can easily fit under the bus’ compartment, however if you wish to bring a regular sized bike, you can also do so just detach both wheels from the frame.
  • Distance from Lipa Jam Liner station to La Luz Laiya is exactly 59.3KM.
  • Batangas in general is not a vegetarian friendly city, however you can request some carinderia to cook a simple vegetable meal for you, just ask what vegetables they have in their pantry.
  • Transient style accommodations in Laiya is offered by many locals, you just need to ask around. Camping on the beach is not encouraged.

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